Tykkimäki area

The area of Tykkimäki

In Kouvola, we are somewhat of the opinion that the city must have everything that a person could possibly need. If you fancy going to an amusement park, then there should be one available. At Tykkimäki, we don’t just have our own amusement park but also a motor racing track, sun-drenched beach of Käyrälampi, Aquapark water park and the campsite of Tykkimäki Camping. The latest additions to the services at Tykkimäki is the public sauna world Tykkimäen Sauna and the high quality accommodation and camping resort, Tykkimäki Resort.

During the winter season, Tykkimäki amusement park and Aquapark are asleep, but the Sauna with its ice swimming possibilities is open all year.