VisitKouvola services

VisitKouvola is the official tourism organization of Kouvola. VisitKouvola can tell you more about the different destinations, sights and activities in the Kouvola region. You can reach us with our chat service, email ( and by calling +358 20 615 5295. You can also spot VisitKouvola in many of the major events in the Kouvola region and sometimes in other cities as well.

You can get maps and brochures from several locations in the city, including the main buss and railway station, ABC-petrol stations and different tourism destinations in the city. We can also send you brochures free of charge.

VisitKouvola is a partner to different companies operating in the tourism and hospitality industry in the region. We are also happy to work together with tour organizers from different countries. You can find more information on the Professionals-section of our website.