Niivermäki Conservation Area

Kytöahontie 1, 45720 Kouvola

Kytöahontie 1, 45720 Kouvola

The Niivermäki Conservation Area owned by the City of Kouvola was established by a decision of the Centre for Economic Development, Trade and the Environment on 4 July 2014through the METSO programme.

The area belongs to the southern part of the Northern Coniferous Belt, also known as the Southern Boreal Zone. The wooded swamps, tree-linedcliffs, precipices and crags of this 30-hectare forest offer range of habitats for many species, even some very sensitive ones. There is a 2,1 kilometer nature trail in the conservation area.

The biodiversity of the area’s old forest, which has been preserved in its natural state, is also increased by large andancient broadleaved trees and decaying trees. Its conservation value is also based on the many different species that the area is home to. The triangle formed by Niivermäki and its nearby rocky outcrops is an excellent example of a landscapecomprising rock-based ridge and mountain formations orien

You can find a map of the area, from this brochure. Niivermäki is easy to reach and it’s located right next to Veturi Shopping Center.

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