Finland’s most famous innovation

We Finns are an innovative group. We came up with text messages and a hot steamy room where you relax.

Chances are that you’ve heard a lot about Finns and sauna. Yep, sauna is an extremely important part of our culture, history and every-day lives. Sauna is a place where Finns relax, discuss everything from sports to politics and even open up a little.

If you are coming to Finland for the first time, then you might be a little nervous regarding your first sauna experiences. Remember that sauna is all about relaxing and spending time together, so there is no need to stress about it. When someone invites you to sauna, you should consider it a great honor.

Finns also understand that sauna is not known around the world, so don’t hesitate to ask questions and advice on how enjoy sauna to the fullest. We are a quiet bunch, but this is a topic we love to discuss.

You can find a sauna in most of Finnish cottages and houses, but we listed some special options for you, if you happen to be in the mood for adventures when travelling in Kouvola.

You can start your sauna adventures quite close to the city centre. Tykkimäen Sauna is located near Käyrälampi beach and this brand new public sauna has become extremely popular among the locals and travellers. The sauna also has a small café so you can pop in for a cup of coffee with a nice view to the lake.

A song of ice and moss

Yli-Kaitala is a family business and they have wonderful cottages in Iitti. Yli-Kaitala also rents some rather special saunas, including a moss sauna. In addition to the magnificent saunas, you can admire the sky and the stars in a hot tub or simply cool off in a pristine lake.

Yes, in addition to sitting in hot steamy rooms, Finns also enjoy swimming even during winter. This is just one of the unique habits we have. In Valkealatalo (Toikkalantie 5, 45370 Valkeala) you can try ice swimming in the middle of winter after gathering some courage in the sauna.

Ice swimming might sound scary at first, but after the first time, it’s a breeze. The feeling you get from it is phenomenal. Several studies have also shown that ice swimming and sauna have a lot of health benefits.

Smoke on the water and in the sauna

Now, smoke saunas are on a completely new level. It might be smart to try the regular steam saunas first. Smoke saunas are just what the name implies, there’s smoke because there is no chimney. In the past couple of years, smoke saunas have once again become popular among the locals.

You can rent a smoke sauna for a group of friends or colleagues in a couple of places, for example in Tykkimäki and Orilampi.

So, like we locals say, “hyviä löylyjä”!

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