Repovesi National Park FAQ

Magnificent nature is a real privilege. We must remember how to travel sustainably in nature, so that we can enjoy its greatness also in the future.

Beautiful days and gorgeous views can cause a spontaneous temptation to go to Repovesi National Park. Every hiker must know that there are many freedoms and rights, but also instructions and rules to follow in nature. Thanks to these rules and regulations, everyone can have fun in the park.

Repovesi National Park FAQ

We have gathered here some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Repovesi. If you don’t find answers in this article, feel free to email us or see if our customer service chat is active.

You may also find answers to your questions from the website of Metsähallitus (manager of state-owned land and water areas)  the rules and regulations of Repovesi National Park.

Where can I get a map of Repovesi National Park?

You can download the digital version right here. VisitKouvola can also send you a paper version in the mail, free of charge. The different routes in the park are also clearly marked, so getting lost is really challenging.

What should I do with garbage when visiting Repovesi National Park?

It’s important that the only things you leave in the park are footprints, so remember to take your garbage with you. Everything that you can carry with you to the park, you will be able to carry out when you leave.

Can I spend the night in the park?

You are free to spend the night in a tent, when visiting Repovesi National Park. We recommend that you set up your tent near campsites and remember to take other people into consideration. You can also rent a cabin. You can see other accommodation services on VisitKouvola’s website. Close to Repovesi National Park you’ll find Orilampi Holiday Resort and Aurantola Manor.

Can I take my dog to the park?

Yes, just remember to keep your pet on a leash.

Can I get to Repovesi National Park with public transport?

In summer 2023 it’s possible to get to the park by train or bus. Hillosensalmi stopping point is situated near Repovesi National Park. VR (State Railways) will stop daily at the Hillosensalmi stopping point from 29 April to 28 October 2023. The bus ticket costs the same as a local ticket, around 5 EUR. You can buy a ticket from the bus driver, cash payment only.

If you would like to visit UNESCO World Heritage Site Verla, you can continue to Verla with the same ticket during the same day.

During other seasons you can take a taxi or check the public transport timetables towards Repovesi at the website of Matkahuolto.

What route do you recommend for first timers and families?

For families and first timers, we recommend the Ketunlenkki trail of 5 km. The route is not accessible with strollers and there is a steep rise to Katajavuori cliff. You can avoid the climb by taking a short cut from Lapinsalmi to Kapiavesi. You can also explore other short routes presented in our brochure. You can start Ketunlenkki from the Lapinsalmi parking area and the route is also marked on the map of Repovesi National Park.  
The Fox`s Ferry is closed for winter!

Is fishing allowed in Repovesi National Park?

Finland’s “Everyman’s rights” give the permission to fish in the park with a fishing rod and jig. If you use any other equipment, then everyone between the ages of 18 – 64 need to pay a Fisheries Management Fee. You can pay the necessary fees online.

You can buy fishing licenses to certain areas from the Orilampi Holiday Resort. Please enquire about any special restrictions that may be in effect in the area.

Can I paddle in Repovesi National Park?

Yes, absolutely. You can see where you can start canoeing and paddling from the map of Repovesi National Park, you can also find more information online. If you want to rent a canoe, please contact Repovesikeskus.

Can I ski in Repovesi National Park during winter?

The tracks are not maintained regularly.

Repovesi National Park is waiting for you!

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