To Repovesi all year round

National Parks don’t have opening hours. Hikers are welcomed to Repovesi all year long.

Highlights for families include a hanging bridge, the hand-operated Fox’s Ferry, cosy Lapp-style huts for rent, and fine views over the treetops from the park’s high spots.
Fox`s Ferry is closed for winter time.

The entrances of Tervajärvi ja Saarijärvi (Tervajärvi: Kivisilmäntie 720, Kouvola / Saarijärvi: Kuismantie 990, Kouvola) are also in use. See alternative hiking routes.
The outdoor season in Repovesi National Park begins when the ice melts and ends gradually as the lakes freeze over.

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In spring, hikers powerfully sense the fragrances and freshness of the forest. The calls of red-throated loon can be heard clearly over the water as nature awakens after the winter. The most enthusiastic already want to hire a canoe, even before the ice blanket has completely disappeared.

Summer in the national park lasts from June to September. In the school trip season in May too, you might encounter some congestion in the area of Lapinsalmi suspension bridge. If you would like more seclusion, it’s worth exploring the park in the quieter parts to the east and north.

Rusty autumn foliage

In the autumn when the park explodes into colour, the national park becomes quieter. It is then that hikers can proceed in peace, pick berries and mushrooms and try their luck at fishing without being disturbed by others.

As October approaches its end, Repovesi experiences clear days and the landscape is ablaze with colour. The surface of the waters is mirror-like.

You can climb to the top of Katajavuori or Mustalammi Tower to admire the rugged and rocky views. Once the frost descends, coffee boiled over an open fire is a warming drink.

Olhavanvuori in Repovesi is one of Finland’s most respected sites for rock climbing. It is never quiet. There are climbers there in all seasons including winter. When the late winter sun starts to shine, the vertical slope can even be attempted with bare hands.

The winter beauty of the park

In winter, Repovesi is quiet and covered in pure white snow. It is then that you can go into the park on snowshoes and skis. There is a network of ski tracks but weather conditions affect its maintenance. 

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