A pit stop in Kouvola

Sometimes you just don’t have a whole weekend to spend on a holiday, even if you really wanted to! Luckily, you can experience a lot in Kouvola in just a couple of hours.

Folks often ask, “What could I do, if I can only spend a couple of hours in Kouvola?”. Kouvola has a long railroad history, so it’s natural that trains and busses are constantly bringing people in to the city.

Kouvola’s main railway and bus station is located right in the city centre, so you are in luck! All the services in the city centre are right at your fingertips. You can enjoy all the different restaurants and cafés in the area, but there are other things to see as well.

Even if you don’t have more than a few hours to spend in Kouvola, don’t worry. Next time, take some time for yourself and we can help you plan a perfect getaway in Kouvola.

Railroad history, museums and playground

In Kouvola’s Model Railway Museum, you can try out what it feels like to be a conductor without a fancy diploma. The historic museum provides a relaxing visit and you can also have a cup of coffee in a small café, all this right next to the main train/bus station.

Near Kouvola’s main railway and bus station, you’ll find our very own Museum Quarter. In addition to just sitting back at Café and Gift Shop Onnenkukko you can also visit several museums. Poikilo-museums and Kouvola Home Museum are both located in the Museum Quarter.

Children will fall in love with the brand new playground, located next to Manski Pedestrian Street, in Kouvola’s Central Park. You can also sit back and enjoy the fountain located on our pedestrian street.

From stores to nature

Even if you are in a hurry, you can still enjoy a visit to Kouvola’s biggest shopping center, not too far from the city centre. You can easily spend an hour or two in Veturi, especially since after shopping you can enjoy cafés, restaurants and even a movie theater.

You can explore Niivermäki Conservation Area, right next Veturi. Niivermäki has a nature trail that is about 2 kilometers long, so you can relax in the woods after some shopping.

Right next to Veturi, you’ll find Kouvola’s own hypermarket, Prisma Kouvola

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