Boating to Kouvola

The Kimola Canal connects Päijänne lake to the Kymijoki river, along which you can reach Kouvola by boat from as far north as Pielavesi (400 km).

Open from May to October, the caal features a unique 70-metre rosk tunnel and a 12-metre lock height. The maximum boat permitted through the lock is around 30 metres.

Two new bridges with an underpass height of 4,6 metre cross the canal. The Kimolalahti bay bridge at the eastern end of the canal has a vertical clearance of 4 metres, limiting boat size.

Charter Cruises

The M/S Kavaljeeri, M/S Pyhäjärvi and Päijänne Risteilyt Hilden`s  M/S Suomen Suvi have offered cruises aroun the canal for several summers.
M/S Suomen Suvi departure from Heinola, stop in Vuolenkoski Village and through the Kimola Canal pitkin so far you can sail to Kouvola Voikkaa to the Virtakivi Harbour.
M/S Pyhäjärvi sales from Juni – August, and timetables summer 2023 comes soon.

The canal route starts at the Virtakivi marina in Voikkaa. Boaters can fuel up, empty their septic tanks, stock up on water and use electricity in the marina. You will also find a campfire site, WC and waste recycling point.

Take some time to gaze out over the water on the Pakanavuori observation platform.

After boating, go for some freshments at the Virtakiven Sauna summer cafè. If you wish to visit the centre of Kouvola, you can rent an e-bike or take a bus. There is a bus stop near Virtakivi.

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