Class excursions in Kouvola

We know that school is fun, but you can have even more fun in Kouvola. Especially when you come to the city with a class excursion in mind.

Kouvola attracts visitors year after year with pristine and clean Finnish nature. You can for example visit the Repovesi National Park. Families are keen on spending time also at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Verla, with its living history and Tykkimäki Amusement Parkbut the real highlight of the school year is a class excursion to Anjala Youth Centre.

Anjala Youth Centre is Finland’s 10th official youth centre and it was founded in the year 2000. For almost 20 years, Anjala has provided experiences for school children that support their education and growth from childhood to adulthood. As a fun fact, Anjala Youth Centre has the unofficial record for organizing 101 class excursions in the year 2016. The goal of these excursions is to support the education of children and to create a fun and memorable experience for the whole group. In Anjala, the different programs are planned by education professionals. Anjala is located next to Ankkapurha Culture Park.

Easy excursions

Anjala Youth Centre is located in a scenic nature area at the Kymijoki river. In addition to beautiful nature, you can enjoy the Ankkapurha Culture Park. The trip from Finland’s capital, Helsinki, to Kouvola takes under 1,5 hours with a bus, train or your own car so the services are easily accessible. The nature around the centre offers an excellent way to gain new, positive energy. Class excursions and camps can be arranged around the year, so you can choose the time of year that suits you best.

Organizing a class excursion in Anjala Youth Centre is easy, since you can get all the necessary services from the same place. Groups can also get all meals from the youth centre so you don’t need to worry about accommodation or food when spending time in Anjala.

Naturally, if you want to want to include some activities into the programme, that can be arranged! At Anjala you can choose from several programmes, that are planned to support the educational path of children and help them work as a team.

Graduates are also welcome!

All sorts of meetings and recreational events are part of Youth Center’s services, the milieu is rather inspiring. There is room for 140 people in shared flats. The distance to the city centre is only about 23 km.

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