Destination: Kouvola

For people wanting to experience pristine Finnish nature, explore interesting history or just enjoy the unique atmosphere in Finland, Kouvola is the perfect destination.

You can be an adventurous hiker searching for pristine nature, an explorer looking for vivid history or just trying to find something new and interesting, Kouvola has something for everyone. We have our own national park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, our own amusement park and so much more.

But don’t worry, all this is easily accessible and so close to Helsinki that you will have a hard time believing it.

How to get to Kouvola

by Air

When you’re coming to visit Finland and Kouvola, your plane will most likely touch the ground in Helsinki. If you are planning to move around in Kouvola or stay in Finland for a longer period, you may want to consider renting a car at the airport. Helsinki-Vantaa airport has several companies that rent cars. The drive to Kouvola takes around 1,5 hours. From the airport, head east and Kouvola is easily reached along Route-6. Naturally, there are road signs that point you to the right direction, but you can always use a GPS as a backup.

by Train

The easiest and most popular way to travel to Kouvola is by train. Kouvola is known as a major railway hub in Finland and in Northern Europe, so it’s no surprise that travelling to the city by train is easy. The trip from Helsinki to Kouvola takes under 1,5 hours. If you want to be prepared, you can buy tickets in advance from Finland’s state railway company VR

by Bus

If you’re not in the mood to travel on rails, you can get to Kouvola by bus. As a little bonus tip, Onnibus usually has great offers. There is a stop f.ex. at the Veturi Shopping Centre which is located close to the city centre.  

In the destination

After reaching Kouvola, you can book a taxi by calling +358 100 87227. Local bus timetables you can see from the digital route guideLuckily, most of the hotels in Kouvola are located within walking distance from the main railway and bus station, so travelling with a train has many advantages. Don’t forget that the city centre has free WiFi, so you can always search the internet for some useful tips and help.

Remember that has many tips and tricks for a successful holiday in Kouvola. For some inspiration, you can explore the different destinations in the Kouvola region.

See you in Kouvola!

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