Experiences East of Helsinki

Kouvola gives you a taste of all the wonderful experiences located close to Finland’s capital.

Kouvola, Kotka-Hamina, Porvoo and Loviisa are part of the the Helsinki East-area. The different cities are inviting tourists to try out all the different programs you can enjoy located close to Helsinki.

Programs in Kouvola

The famous Finnish designer, Alvar Aalto, designed an entire area in Kouvola and you can visit these destinations during the summer season.

If you would rather explore Kouvola from a boat, then you can head to a boat ride on the Kymijoki River. In addition to the Kymijoki River, you can also explore Repovesi National Park with a boat ride.

In Arboretum Mustila you can visit the forest park on your own or try out a guided tour in the park. Don’t forget to visit Mustila Viini and learn more about locally made berry wines and other local food products.

You can read more information and details about all the experiences located in Kouvola from the program. The program is available in English and in German.

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