From sauna into the icy water and back

All the more people like to go to sauna and then dip into the icy water. The enthusiasts say that the best thing in it is the good feeling and relaxation that it generates.

In Kouvola we have public saunas that you can visit all year round as well as saunas that you can book for private use. The benefits of sauna to the health are scientifically proven.

Here is a list of a few saunas in Kouvola:

Tykkimäen Sauna is open for public. It lies on the shore of Käyrälampi lake and is open throughout the year. Opening hours are Mon to Fri between 15 – 21.00 and Sat – Sun 12 – 21.00. Morning sauna and breakfast is offered Mondays and Fridays from 6.00 – 10.00.
The floting sauna ”Saunalautta” is heated on Tuesdays and Sundays. 

Momo​ndo  travel magazine listed the best saunas in Finland and Tykkimäen sauna is one of them. 

Winter Swimming at Likolampi

At the Valkeala sauna you can try winter swimming and relax at a lakeside sauna. The sauna is situated beside the Valkeala swimming hall. This is a good option if you are travelling with small children and don’t want to spend too much time on winter swimming, the water in the swimming hall is always warm!  

Exclusive Sauna of the Paper Mill is now open for Public

Virtakiven sauna stands on a stunning spot on the shore of Kymijoki river. It used to be the sauna of the workers of the paper mill. The former sauna of the paper mill executives is now a conference room. The sauna is open from May 7th until the end of August. It is ladies first, i.e. between 18 and 19.30 hours each Tuesday and gentlement then at 19.30. At other times you can make a booking for private use. 

Private Saunas

Orilammen maja Holiday Centre has several saunas that you can book. Have you already been to a moss sauna? At  Ankkapurha they have a sauna especially suitable for company parties and festive occasions. In Iitti, at the lake Urajärvi, Radalla Resort offers a lakeside sauna full of feeling as well as a teepee sauna and grill hut. Yli-Kaitalas specialities are a moss sauna and a lakeside sauna with a hot tub. 

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