Kouvola Nights

Kouvola is best known for the pristine nature of Repovesi National Park, living history of UNESCO World Heritage Site Verla and fun in the Tykkimäki Amusement Park. However, the pleasant athmosphere reaches out even to the city centre.

Especially during weekends, many restaurants and night clubs in Kouvola are full of locals and tourists dancing, singing and partying until the early morning. During autumn and winter the terraces may be a bit chilly, but no worries, there are plenty of places where you can dance like nobody’s watching.

For starters 

The Finns have a very traditional ritual when it comes to partying. The first step is good food, so you won’t run out of energy when taking over the dance floor.

Gastropub Betony is a darling among the locals with delicious burgers and a good selection of special beers from small breweries. Some of the menu items are made of local ingredients, so don’t hesitate to order plenty of food.

Fans of burgers and wings, you should try out the American styled Three Wings. In addition to a good food selection, you can also admire Kouvola’s Pedestrian Street, Manski, from their indoor terrace.

Now, if you didn’t already know, Finland is one the biggest karaoke countries in the world. But that’s not all! One of the most important karaoke destinations in Finland, and possibly in the world, is located in Kouvola; Restaurant Pyöreä Torppa, better known locally as Mutteri, thanks to the funny shape of the building. If you love karaoke, you’ll love Mutteri.

Main course

Alright! Now that everyone has eaten something, you should be ready to hit the dance floor.

The youngsters in Kouvola tend to head straight to Club Touba. Another popular destinations for young locals and tourists are Brooklyn Restaurant and Amarillo.

Those with a little more experience in life tend to enjoy dancing at Restaurant Mulligans. Mulligans is a popular venue for cover bands and musicians.

Finland and Kouvola have no shortage of fans for heavier music. House of Rock is a popular place for rock and roll fans of all ages.

A small snack

At some point, it’s time to head back to the hotel or cottage. The Finns finish the night, or start the morning, with a hearty meal. We have small kiosks that sell perfect snacks for these situations. The most popular kiosks in Kouvola are Kouvolan Grilli-Kipsa and Nipan Grilli. In the city center you might spot the legendary Zico’s food grilltruck.

Then it’s time to get some sleep. See you next time!

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