Kouvola’s own amusement hill

The king of Sweden once had so much fun in Tykkimäki, that he lost track of time. Granted, this also happens to the locals every now and then.

In June 1789, the armies of the King of Sweden, Gustav III grouped on the hillside and aimed their cannons placed on the top of the hill towards the Russian Cossack regiment and the infantry regiment.

The Swedish regiment attacked with the support of artillery fire and won the Battle of Utti, which lasted four hours. 700 Russians were killed but only 100 Swedes.

The King was left to celebrate victory and award promotions and medals, but that was as far as it went. Later they had to retreat down the hill with their guns.

Frog songs and beach life

The hill was named Tykkimäki (gun hill). If Gustav III once knew how to have fun there, people still do.

For many, the first thing they think about when they hear the word ‘Tykkimäki’ is the Tykkimäki Amusement Park and its high-pitched mascots Kusti and Kerttu, who sing to urge people to come to Tykkimäki and have a fun-packed day.

The frogs are right. It’s fun at Tykkimäki. There’s more to it than just an amusement park known for Taifun, Starflyer, the Kouvola Wheel and evening concerts.

Aquapark water park with its pools and water slides has also started to operate in the shade of Tykkimäki. Together with Tykkimäki Resort, it forms a holiday resort, which attracts sun-worshippers, beach volleyball players, disc golfers and other people who love beach life. Tykkimäki Amusement Park and Aquapark are open only in summer but Tykkimäki Resort`s holiday cottages, restaurant and camping site  are open all year round.

Golf, rallycross and sauna

Kouvola’s Bogey Golf Centre is situated on Tykkimäki Hill. It is a public golf course where you do not need a green card or membership of a golf club, and playing does not require you to wear checked clothing. In actual fact, you can turn up wearing anything and without equipment, as clubs can be rented on the spot. You don’t even need to book in advance, meaning you can play on a sudden impulse.

The course is a 9-hole par-3 one whose longest hole is 172 m. Anyone can play including beginners, holidaymakers and professionals who particularly like to practise their short game before competitions.

Sometimes at Tykkimäki you can hear roaring just like in the wars of Gustav. The reason for this noise is Tykkimäki Motorsports Centre, which has a motocross track, a rallycross track that anyone can try, a miniature racing track and a Formula K track.

The latest addition to the services in the Tykkimäki area, is Tykkimäen Sauna. This public sauna is a popular meeting and party location, but they are also open to the public. The sauna is an excellent place to try this Finnish specialty and the lake is right next to you, so you can cool down in the waves. The sauna has also a café, so you don’t have to relax without beverages.

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