Kymi Sinfonietta – the two-town orchestra

“Moving. A week of delights! A pint-sized powerhouse! Gives you a warm glow!”

Every concert is unique

Whenever a big orchestra plays to a live audience, it’s special. A memorable experience created by more than 30 players altogether, with the intensity radiating on the stage: each instrumentalist gives their all, with an energy that comes from the heart. The wave of music and feelings creates something magical.

Strength and feelings

Every listener at a live performance experiences the music in a different way. Whereas one person might liven up, another might relax, and even find the music therapeutic. It all depends on what their life is like and how they are feeling at the time. At its best, the music is a source of inspiration and strength – it has an inexplicable impact on the listener.

For everyone who loves music

Kymi Sinfonietta is a pint-sized musical powerhouse. Fascinating the listener with their talent and variety, their programme ranges from baroque, through classical and romantic, to contemporary music. The Sinfonietta also plays jazz and operetta concerts, collaborates with all kinds of people in the art world and organises children’s concerts. The orchestra also gives Christmas and Easter concerts every year.

Kymi Sinfonietta gives every listener a reason to return to their concerts again and again. The music stirs the emotions – there’s nothing like it anywhere else.

Kymi Sinfonietta

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