Let culture keep you warm

Autumn is an interesting time of the year in Finland. On the other hand, the trees change their summery green vibe in to a beautiful rainbow of color. Then, on the other hand, it can also get a bit rainy. Luckily you can always take shelter among the different culture delights in Kouvola.

Kouvola has a good selection of art, music and other art forms for all culture enthusiasts. When the leaves start to fall, the locals start to spend time with culture and sports.

Art and music in the city

Kouvola’s very own museum center, Poikilo Museums is located conveniently right next to the city centre. Poikilo has different changing exhibitions that focus on different kinds of art forms. You can enjoy everything from high-end modern art from the different Nordic countries to exhibitions that focus on local history. If the weather is nice, remember to enjoy the old buildings in Kouvola’s Museum Quarter.

Near Ankkapurha Culture Park, you can see different buildings designed by Alvar Aalto.

If you are a fan of quality music, and why would you not be, Kymi Sinfonietta’s concerts are most definitely worth visiting during the autumn season. The concerts have different artists from all over the world and the themes also change regularly.

Culture in the countryside

Taideruukki is a collection of small boutiques and handicraft experts located in a truly special milieu. You can find art, locally made products and even a small café in this old factory setting. Taideruukki is a prime example of how something new and innovative can happen when creative people get together.

Located near Route 6, the main highway from Helsinki to Kouvola, you can make a small detour to one of the historic mansions in the Kouvola region.

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