Principles of Sustainable Tourism

Visit Finland has updated the national sustainable tourism principles together with its stakeholders in 2019. 

The principles focus on the following themes:

  • Cooperation
  • Ecological sustainability
  • Cultural sustainability & cultural heritage
  • Social sustainability & wellbeing
  • Long-term planning & local resources
  • Quality & safety
  • Climate change & resource wisdom
  • Environmental credentials
  • Economic sustainability & competitiveness
  • Commitment

By signing these principles of sustainable tourism we commit ourselves to working for more sustainable tourism.

1. 1. We cooperate fairly

We develop tourism in cooperation with other regional and industry stakeholders. Through collaboration, we will be able to make a stronger impact on society and tourism in the future. We want our region to be a good place to live and visit today and in the future. Therefore, we make decisions that are sustainable for generations to come. We treat everyone with respect and fairness and engage in fair trade only.

2. We look after the environment

We protect the environment, landscapes, and biodiversity in our region. Our operations do not exceed the carrying capacity of our environment. Instead, our operations contribute to ensuring the conditions for a good quality of life and the preservation of a clean environment in our area. We also take care of the welfare and respectful treatment of all animals.

3. We respect our cultural heritage

We cherish the cultural heritage of our region. Our goal is to present, revive, maintain, and strengthen our culture with full understanding that cultures have always evolved through exchange and learning from one another.

4. We promote wellbeing, human rights, and equality for all

We treat all our employees, guests, and local residents fairly and with respect, regardless of their background. We take people’s special needs into consideration in all our operations. We train, guide, and encourage all our employees to act responsibly.

5. We favour local products and businesses

We support our region’s local products, services and businesses, and primarily aim to employ local people. We favour food made from Finnish ingredients. We engage with the residents and businesses in the region in all matters that concern them.

6. We invest in safety and quality

We take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of local residents, our employees and our guests, and to comply with laws and regulations. We are committed to the quality assurance and development of our services and products to ensure the continuity of our operations.

7. We consider our climate impact

We make good climate choices and reduce our carbon footprint. We monitor the impact of tourism on the environment and through active measuring aimed at a more efficient use of energy and resources.

8. We communicate openly

We communicate openly and actively within our region about sustainable tourism and our future plans and visions. We want to contribute to Finland’s worldwide reputation as a sustainable travel destination. We are transparent and share our successes and challenges with others.

9. We continuously develop our business operations

We are prepared to review and develop our services and products to ensure continued demand for them in the future. A stable economy and ethical business operations form the foundation for sustainable development.

10. We are committed to the principles of sustainable tourism

We will play an active role in promoting sustainable tourism and implementing the principles of sustainable tourism. We will draw up an action plan for sustainable tourism to ensure systematic compliance with these principles in the future. We are committed to the measures undertaken and to continued learning.

Sustainable Travel Pledge

As a visitor, you can also take the Sustainable Finland Pledge in which you promise to support the principles of sustainable tourism. Find out more about the Sustainable Finland Pledge on the Visit Finland website.

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