Rafting and fishing

Rumor has it, that a couple of blokes from Kouvola once caught a pike from Kymijoki, that was bigger than their boat. True story!

The Kymijoki River, which transects the southern pastures of Kouvola, makes an impressive appearance in the centre of Kuusankoski. According to fishermen, the Kuusankoski-Keltti gap is a good place for catching pike. The lake trout planted in the river can also be caught by the lure of a lucky fisherman.

Pessankoski upstream behind a few bends is a good place for casting for those who don’t have a boat. Both places belong to the Kuusankoski angling area of Kymijoki, where it is forbidden to use nets and fish traps, so there’s no fear of hooks getting caught up in them.

In addition to pike, pikeperch and perch can also be caught in the area of Kuusankoski. Planted rainbow trout and lake trout can also be lured.

Boat trip to the red water lilies

From May to September, the tar-smelling riverboats of KymiSun, Kymijoki I and Kymijoki II, carry passengers in the traditional landscapes of Kymijoki through the river sections at Kouvola and Kuusankoski.

On the themed excursion, you can do such things as admire the cycle of nature, get to know the Kymijoki bridges and hear about the rich history of the river. At the same time you can feel how the flowing water refreshes and stimulates new ideas.

On the Full Moon excursion, you can admire the reflection of the Moon Bridge on the surface of the river. In the area of blooming red water lilies, you can see not only the rare lilies and marsh marigolds but also the blooming of bird cherries arching over the river. Finally, enjoy some black soot coffee and a lily-white piece of cake at Jokitupa, KymiSun’s log-cabin headquarters.

Ahvionkosket and Mankala

One of Kymijoki’s most beautiful destinations is the remote Ahvionkosket rapids, at which point the shoot of the river changes into several powerful rapids.

Ahvionkosket, which is suitable for lure or fly fishing from the banks, is part of the special fishing permit area of Central Kymi, and is one of the longest unbroken areas of its type in southern Finland. The rapids are inhabited not only by species of fish typical to the river, but also by asp, salmon, sea trout and grayling. They are also a good area for trolling.

The northern part of Kymijoki, the former rapids area of Mankala, offers plenty of fish and crayfish. Mankala is part of the lure fishing permit area of Iitti.

If you’re searching for a faster-paced way to spend your free time on Kymijoki, why not try a canoeing or rafting trip?

Where to get fishing permits?

The Kuusankoski angling area on Kymijoki
Permit prices: Season €40 / Week €15 / Day €5/ under-18s free of charge
Permits: Direct to the account FI20 5750 7720 0035 79 OKOYFIHH or Urheilu Jokinen tel. +358 53289101.

Central Kymi special fishing permit area
Permit prices: Year €80 / Week €30 / Day €15
Permits: Susikosken kauppakahvio (www.susikoski.fi) in Huruksela tel. +358 53675131, Grillinksa in Inkeroinen tel. +358 503051166, Neste Anjala tel. +358 207181691 and Mari´s Coffee in Anjala

Iitti lure fishing permit area
The fishing area covers the Mankala Power Station – Hiidensalmi – Urajärvi, including the Kausala area of water.
Contact person: Matti Järvinen, tel. +358 53261844, +358 400552506

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