Rent a City Bike

A city bike will take you from the bustle of the city centre all the way to the pleasures of the amusement park.

You can pick up a city bike at different points in Kouvola, f.ex. at the Travel Centre, Shopping Centre Veturi and Tykkimäki Amusement Park. A ride on the bike is much cheaper than a taxi, only 1,50 euros for 30 minutes. And of course, physical excercise is included! Each bike has a name, you can spot yours among others easily.

To rent a bike you need a Donkey Republic application. This international app functions all over Europe. With the app you can find the best bike for you and once you have paid, the road is open!

For further information, please call +358 (0)29 170 1077 or check the website of Kaakau. On the website you can find the fees as well as precise instructions for rent.

Palaa sivun alkuun