Repovesi National Park, Verla and River Kymijoki

In Kouvola, nature is always on your doorstep. Repovesi National Park, the refreshing waters of the Kymijoki river, and the Arboretum in Mustila are just some examples. Well-maintained natural trails and cycling routes offer unsurpassed alternatives for outdoor exercise. Canoeing routes show you another side of Kouvola, while the beaches invite you to enjoy the sunny summer days by the lake. 

A responsible traveller favours local attractions and travels using their own muscle power, public transport or joint transports. Did you know that Kouvola is quick and easy to reach by train even from longer distances? The journey time from Helsinki to Kouvola by train is only 90 minutes. Nearby towns and cities are within 30 minutes’ train journey and St Petersburg is only slightly over two-hours away. Public transport is an environmentally friendly way to travel. 

Kouvola city centre is compact and easily explored on foot, by bike or mobility aids. There is step-free local transport and taxis also available. Read more about public transport in Kouvola. During the summer season, the number 15 bus takes visitors to Repovesi National Park and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Verla. Kouvola region offers plenty of step-free attractions and activities. 

When moving in a natural environment, a responsible traveller observes Outdoor Etiquette . The Outdoor Etiquette provides easy-to-memorise tips and rules for visitors on respecting nature, camping, lighting campfires, and the leave-no-trace policy. Visit the website of your destination, for site-specific guidance.  Plan your visit and read the guide for Repovesi National Park. The area near Repovesi National Park and the Kymijoki river has several outdoor activity businesses  that are committed to the Principles of Sustainable Tourism of Metsähallitus. The Principles of Sustainable Tourism have also been adopted for the other natural and cultural heritage destinations in the area including the UNESCO World Heritage Site Verla.

Arboretum Mustila in Elimäki is Finland’s oldest and largest arboretum and known for its exotic conifer forests and abundantly blooming rhododendrons and azaleas. There is surprisingly much to see at Mustila, so allow plenty of time for your arboretum adventure and bring a packed lunch.Approximately 20 km from Kouvola, the Mustila Arboretum can be reached by bus from the centre of Kouvola or by cycling along picturesque country lanes. The treasured nature trails around Kouvola offer peace and quiet in the midst of majestic rocky landscapes, rare plant species, and a variety of wildlife. Take a dip in a pond or watch the local birdlife from the bird towers built along some of the trails.

For the most unique and stress-free experience, we recommend that you schedule your visit outside the high season if possible. The high season lasts from May to August, and especially weekends can get busy during the daytime at our natural and cultural heritage destinations. By visiting outside peak times, you can help reduce the environmental burden of travel and support local businesses in creating jobs throughout the year. 

Two mountain bikers ride down the slope.

There are also a lot of opportunities for cycling lovers in the Kouvola region

 A group of people walk towards an old wooden café building in the Mustila Arboretum

Arboretum Mustila near Elimäki in Southern Finland was founded in 1902 as a test site for exotic conifer species. Today it remains a unique area of introduced horticultural plants in northern Europe

The orchestra plays in the courtyard of the Verla Factory Museum.

Musicians playing at the Verla World Heritage Site

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