Roughness and toughness

Tiina Luhtaniemi fell in love with Kouvola’s personal style and atmosphere.

“Kouvola has a wide range of cultural activities all year round, not just in summer. The local stuff is good, and Kouvola people don’t always want to point it out.

I moved from Jyväskylä to Kouvola just over a year ago. I’ve got to know the city with an open mind. Last summer I went to Antares Arts Centre and some summer theatres.

I also went to the children’s theatre festival Kuulas and the detective novel festival. Both are well-known nationally, and I knew about them before I moved to Kouvola.

Good vibes

Kouvola bars and pubs have their own distinctive rock and pop scene. Kymi Sinfonietta is a fantastic joint orchestra for two towns – Kouvola and Kotka. The night of the arts is a successful event in August that attracts people.

Kouvola’s strength is a certain toughness and roughness. The city centre and Pohjola building are the Kouvola for me.

There is a variety of culture, but there could be more events which are easier for the audience to access. A big concert in the park would be fun. People could enjoy great music in good company and have a picnic.

Culture for all

I have visited Poikilo Museums several times. I’m a museum culture vulture. In the autumn I was at the KymiBrass music festival, I went to Verla and Repovesi and DancePit dance school’s spring shows.

Now I have to admit it: I still haven’t been to Tykkimäki amusement park!

We don’t have a major national event, one that would attract tourists from other regions. Maybe when it’s up and running, the travel and event centre will help to create one.

I recommend getting to know Kouvola by bike. Take a packed lunch, hang out in the parks, do a city architecture tour, go round the museum quarter. I’d also take visitors to go to Tykkimäki Sauna.”

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