Shop till you drop

At one end of the Veturi Shopping Centre there is a hypermarket and at the other a DIY store. In between there are department stores, restaurants, a cinema and almost 80 speciality shops.

The Veturi Shopping Centre is the largest in Southeast Finland and the eighth largest in Finland. There you can find everything you need from Velcro running shoes to prefabricated houses.

The aisles of Veturi are wide and the shops spacious and easily accessible. In addition to escalators, you can go from one floor to another on moving walkways and in lifts.

At a central location upstairs, there is a children’s play area and childcare facilities called Pikku-Veturi. On the groups of seats along the aisles, you can take a breather and catch up on social media using Veturi’s Wi-Fi.

Water points and dog boxes

Veturi is a visible landmark along Route 6 at Kouvola’s southern interchange. It has 1,800 free-of-charge parking spaces, wide spaces for caravans and separate parking facilities for buses. Veturi’s cafes and restaurants with their buffets are very suitable for group dining.

Veturi is a place for filling up reserves, both for long-distance drivers and for those arriving for a cottage holiday in Kouvola with its hundreds of lakes. Veturi is a pit stop where holidaymakers can get everything they need; cottage delicacies, drinks, reading material, medicine or maybe even a whole cottage.

On one side of the shopping centre are water points and charging points for electric cars. There are also lockable compartments where dogs can cool off while their owners are shopping.

Special shops and the silver screen

The shopping centre has a wide range of top international chains and local retailers selling clothing, sports goods, leisure goods and items for interior decoration. Enjoyment is crowned by a diverse range of services, a delicious choice of restaurants and attractive events.

And if you just want to have fun on your holiday, then on the upper floor of the shopping centre is the cinema Kino 123. The ultramodern technology and large screens of the three theatres offer a top-class cinematic experience. You can enjoy sparkling wines and other refreshments before the film in the cinema’s own café-restaurant, Café Kino.

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