Souvenirs à la Kouvola

Did you already visit Kouvola, or are you just coming to experience all the wonderful things in Finland? Souvenirs are an essential part of travelling and Kouvola has a lot more to offer than just postcards.

Before heading to your next destination you probably want to find out certain facts and details and souvenirs should be no exception. Otherwise, you might have a hard time deciding what to take home with you. Luckily, Kouvola has a lot of special products and delicacies that you can take with you after your adventure.

Delicacies from the neighborhood

If you are coming to Kouvola from Helsinki, along Route-6, you simply have to make a pit stop in the Mustila area. You will find locally made food products, but the absolute highlight are the Finnish berry wines from Mustilan Viini. These authentic locally made products are an excellent way to bring a little something special to everyday meals and dinners.

The local coffee lovers, and in Finland this generally means almost all the locals, gather to Papulaari. Papulaari is a small café and they are the go-to-place when you want to try the iconic Kouvola-coffee. If you happen to be more of a tea-lover, have no fear. Papulaari also has a great tea selection and the products make for an excellent souvenir. You can impress the family with a cup of special Finnish coffee.

In Finland Kouvola is especially well-known for one thing; liquorice. This treat is a personal favorite among the Finns and Kouvolan Lakritsi has become one of the best known candy makers in Finland thanks to their top secret recipe. You can buy their products from their factory outlet in the city centre, located under the same roof as Filmtown in Torikatu 4, 45100 Kouvola.

Everyone loves jewelry

Now that you are in the city centre, don’t forget to visit Poikilo Museums. In addition to interesting art exhibitions, Poikilo also has a little shop where you can buy some more traditional souvenirs. They also have some products with a little added local humor, so you might find something really unique. Right next door to Poikilo, you’ll find Onnenkukko, a small café and handicraft boutique. The old museum quarter is most definitely worth a visit, but Onnenkukko might just have something special to take home to that special someone.

Another brilliant location for locally made handicrafts is Taideruukki. The old factory location is full of small boutiques and you can buy different handicrafts, like jewelry.

When you’re looking for authentic Finnish design, remember to keep Kymen Paviljonki in your travel plan. In addition to a nice café and restaurant, you’ll also find Pentik’s factory outlet under the same roof.

Say it with a picture

Naturally, you can also get a lot of souvenirs for free! You can capture the highlights of your adventure in Kouvola with a camera or a smart phone.

You can find inspiration for the best photo opportunities in Kouvola from VisitKouvola’s Instagram. Don’t forget to use #visitkouvola in your own pictures, so your friends and family now where you’re enjoying life. Popular photo locations include the suspension bridge in Repovesi National Park and the might Kymijoki River in Ankkapurha Culture Park.

For you food lovers, you can get that perfect food pic from one of the restaurants in the city centre.

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