Trains and locomotives

Kouvola was once born in the crossroads of railways, the history of trains and railwaymen is visible in many places.

1. Model Railway Museum Semaforo

Model Railway Museum Semaforo lies right in the centre of town, close to the railway station. The heart of the museum is the Trenorama with its railway station, yard and platforms, surrounded by an idyllic small town.

2. Shopping Centre Veturi

The name of the gigantic shopping centre (Veturi = locomotive) by the highway 6 tells about the history of Kouvola. The landmark of the shopping centre is the Little Jumbo engine from the 1940’s.

3. Railwaymen’s Quarter

The current Museum Quarter used to be home for railroad engineers and their families. Nowadays there are handicraft shops, a café, Milieu and Radio Museum and the Poikilo Museums.

4. Take the train to Kouvola

The trip from Tampere or Kuopio to Kouvola takes 2,5 hrs, from Helsinki 1,5 hrs, from Lappeenranta and Kotka 45 min and from Lahti about 30 min. Trains come from and go to four directions. The best place for trainspotting is on the shore of the Kymijoki river in Koria, where you can see the Pendolino trains and freight trains cross the bridge.

5. Orient Express

Our Orient Express is the rollercoaster at Tykkimäki Amusement Park. It is fun for all passengers taller than 120 cm.

6. Allegro Train takes you from Kouvola to St. Petersburg

There are four trains daily to St. Petersburg, one of which continues to Moscow. The travel time from Kouvola to St. Petersburg is a little over 2 hrs.

7. The New Silk Road

A weekly container train connection from Kouvola to Xi’an, China was opened in 2017. Travel time is only 12 days. The City of Kouvola is building a new intermodal terminal to serve the traffic. In the future, even 1 kilometre long trains can be processed on the rail yard.

8. Ruuhveltti – The Engine

The 90-year-old engine, Ruuhveltti, has been standing at Kouvola railway station since the 1970’s.

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