Winter is here

Kouvola is the perfect destination for fans of winter activities!

Finns are famous for their love of sports and the folks here in Kouvola are no exception. In fact, Kouvola has a team playing in the Finnish major leagues in ice-hockey, basketball and baseball. However, it’s not just the spectator sports that get the heartbeats of the locals rising. Kouvola also has wonderful opportunities for exercising and outdoor activities.

Skiing is a popular winter time past-time in Finland and Kouvola has more than enough of opportunities for this. The city has 180 kilometers of ski tracks and 110 kilometers of these are lit, so you can enjoy skiing even when the sun has set. Outside of the winter season, these tracks function as walking and jogging trails, so you can use them even during the summer time, when we generally don’t have that much snow.

You can buy maps of the ski tracks  from the city hall (Torikatu 10, 45100 Kouvola, Door A). You can also download a digital version of the map. There’s a different map for the tracks near the city centre and for tracks located further from the city centre.

Kouvola on ice

If the weather is not suitable for skiing, or you would like to stay indoors, fear not. Ice-skating is another activity the Finns are quite known for and you can try this close to the city centre. Lumon Arena is open for everyone on Saturdays 08:00 – 09:00 and on Sundays 10:00 – 11:00, except on March 10 and April 7, 2019.  On Saturdays you can take a hockey stick with you to the public shift, but on Sundays it’s just for ice-skating. 

Tykkimäki is famous as an amusement park, but it’s so much more. The indorr activity park Tykkimäki Actionpark is open year around at the Prisma Shopping Centre. It has fun and games for the whole family. In addition to different sport equipments, you can show off your parkour skills and trampoline tricks.

In Kouvola, we really like to think that you need the essential services close to the city centre. This means we also have the Mielakka Ski Centre. 

Cool waters and warm feelings

Clean natural waters are an essential part of Finland and they are not out of reach during the winter. Ice-swimming is good for your mind and body and combining it with sauna has even more added health benefits. For those looking for a real winter experience, Tykkimäen Sauna, is the place to be.

Every winter, in February, the locals and tourists in the region head to Repovesi National Park to enjoy the traditional Repovesi Outdoor and Nature Days. The event has a lot of different winter activities that the whole family can try, so join the fun.

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