Museums galore

Friends of museums and culture won’t be bored in Kouvola because there are museums available from World Heritage Site, to small rail yard life.

Who claimed that museums were boring? Because that’s not the case at least here in Kouvola! In Kouvola, the museums bring yesterday to life and also awake thoughts with modern art and fascinating local history. The best part is that if the rare situation occurs and there is rainy weather in Finnish summer, the museums offer a great hideout from thunder.

The grand old lady of Kouvola’s’ museums is UNESCO’s World Heritage Site Verla Groundwood and Board Mill or just Verla between friends. Verla which stands in the middle of beautiful nature has remained exceptionally well to this day. In the guided museum tours the history really recreates.

When you are moving around Repovesi and Verla area, don’t forget to stop by at Vuohijärvi Nature and Culture House. You get to admire art in changing summer exhibitions and in The Love Park, you can relax in the garden. You can find delicious café products under the same roof.

Museums in the city center

When you jump off a train or bus at Kouvola’s’ Travel Center there is the Model Railway Museum nearby which fits fine to Kouvola’s’ history.

At Kouvola’s Museum Quarter you can wander between old wooden houses and enjoy the idyllic atmosphere but it’s also the home of several museums.

Poikilo Museums is located under the roof of Kouvolatalo (Kouvola-house cultural centre) and it serves friends of museums around the year. Art museums and city’s museum gives a sight to modern top art, but changing exhibitions show also an interesting local history of the railway city.

When you are on the adventure at Museum Quarter remember to stop by at Kouvola Milieu and Radio Museum. The museum gives a good sight of yesterdays’ living and to the history of different kinds of radios.

Culture around villages

In addition to the museums at city center, you can visit interesting culture destinations around Kouvola area.

At Elimäki’s village along Route 6 stands Moision Kartano – Mansion where you can arrange meetings and parties but also enjoy changing art exhibitions.

At Kuusankoski the culture has sprouted next to a factory. Taideruukki – Art Factory brings the artists of various creative industries together and you can explore changing art exhibitions in a factor milieu along the year.

At Ankkapurha Culture Park you can explore Kouvola’s Alvar Aalto destinations.

At Valkeala you can stop by at Shop Museum to get to know yesterday’s business culture.

Antares Art Centre is located in Sippola village and gets filled with interesting art in summer. Antares works also as a center for different artists and creative industry workers.

Keep your eyes open while traveling around Kouvola, because you might also stumble upon scarecrows which stand as marks for West Kymi Culture Route. You come across various interesting destinations while traveling the road.

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