Tykkimäki Resort

Kouvola is home to a major tourist attraction in Finland. In summer 2022 a new top-of-the-line resort opened right next to the pristine Käyrälampi lake. The resort area is something totally new in Finland and consists of villas, premium cottages, an amusement park and a water park.


Each villa has a covered terrace, gas grill, fireplace, sauna, jacuzzi, and a beautiful view to the Finnish lake landscape.

Glamour Camping

Glamping offers a new kind of experience. Glamping tents are equipped with high-class beds, mini refrigerators and a small living area. Each tent has a private toilet and shower. Tents accommodate 1 -2 persons. The luxury tent is equivalent to a hotel room, but you can sense the atmosphere and sounds of nature in a very new way.

Modern Camping Place

All caravan and camping pitches have electric hook-ups. Caravan pitches will also have built terraces for a more pleasant stay outside the vehicle. Modern kitchen and service buildings as well as high-quality outdoor barbecue facilities bring extra comfort to self-employed travellers.

Unique Sauna World

Each sauna has a panoramic view to the lake and a jacuzzi on the terrace. You can experience a traditional Finnish sauna in the soft steam of the smoke sauna.  A floating sauna brings a new twist to a sauna experience.

Experiences and Activities

You can try out a wide selection of different experiences and activities when visiting Tykkimäki Resort. There’s also plenty to see and do for groups!

Find out more on the Resort’s website.

Lammenranta Kitchen & Bar

In addition to the coolest resort in Finland, Käyrälampi is the home of Lammenranta Kitchen & Bar. Lammenranta is open year around and it is open to the customers of Tykkimäki Resort and to everyone spending time in the area. The restaurant has almost 100 seats and the menu consists of local ingredients that change along the seasons. You can enjoy all this right next to the pristine and beautiful nature of lake Käyrälampi.

Lammenrata combines a cozy and relaxed atmosphere with dishes that serve a wide selection of tastes and appetites.

During the summer season the restaurant also has a terrace with almost 200 seats. Everyone who is spending the summer in Käyrälampi can enjoy the services of Lammenranta, so you can stop at the terrace after a dip in the waters of Käyrälampi.

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